Spring water and Mt. Fuji pilgrimage village

Beautiful landscape with Mt. Fuji, overflowing nature and clean water.
Warm and friendly contact brings out the charm of Oshino.

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Reiwa XNUMX degrees calendar sales start

Reiwa XNUMX degrees calendar has been completed.This is the prize-winning work of the Oshino Village Photo Contest.It is a wonderful Mt.Fuji taken in the village.Calendar sales start today, December XNUMXst.

Fuji today

Fuji from Oshino Hakkai today.Although the sky is cloudy, Mt. Fuji is magnificent with snow.

snow cover

Fuji covered in snow overnight!I'm surprised.Customers who came to Oshino Hakkai were also looking at the snow-covered Mt. Fuji with their cameras.

The nature of Oshino
Enjoy it

Oshino Village, located at the foot of Mount Fuji, is a highland basin surrounded by mountains on all sides. Mt.Fuji, the Katsura River and the Shinjo River enrich the land of Oshino Village. Let's feel this blessed nature with all five senses and discover a new side of Oshino Village!!


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